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Lightning Audio LA-1X12V

Lightning Audio
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Prezzo riferito a singolo pezzo (IVA inclusa)
Tipologia Subwoofer in cassa
Dimensione Altoparlante 300 mm
Potenza MAX 400 Watt
Potenza RMS Watt
Risposta in frequenza Hertz
Sensibilità 85 dB
Impedenza 4 Ohm
Peso 20 Kg
Dimensione Cassa 503 x 396 x 406 mm
Tipologia box Cassa chiusa

Lightning Audio LA-1X12V Single 12" Vented Loaded Enclosure

Spring Loaded Terminals
Vented Design
Industrial Carpet


The Lightning Audio single 12" loaded enclosure could possibly be the perfect subwoofer for your car, SUV or jeep. The ready-constructed enclosure has been optimized for low frequency impact with the use of a slot loaded vent, and the passive design means all you need is an amplifier that can produce maximum power into a 4-Ohm load. All you need is to pick up your date for tonight and you are ready to roll!


Caratteristiche LA-1X12V

Woofer Quantity 1
Woofer Size 12"
Woofer Series LA-S412
Woofer Impedance 4-Ohms
Power Handling 400 Watts MAX
System Configuration 1.60 cu.ft. Vented
35Hz Tuning Frequency
Enclosure Material MDF
Speaker Connector Spring Loaded
Shipping Weight 44 Lbs. (20 Kg.)
Dimensions W-19.8" x H1-15.6" x H2-14" x D1-13.5" x D2-16"