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Mono, 2 vie con attenuatore.


This filter is the optimal blending between AD tweeters and low frequency reproducers. As we at Laboratorio Audio design all the speakers branded AD, we are able to consider from the
beginning the influence of the crossover. For this reason, our filters are all designed considering the electric gain and the acoustic one. We give main importance to the overall phase intersection between the speakers at the crossing frequencies, and to the protection of the tweeters, not forgetting that, following the European school of installation, a fine tune from an installer is strongly recommended.

- ORDER: 12 dB/oct. low and high pass, asymmetrical.
- CROSS-OVER FREQUENCY: Variable due to the selected position, 2600 Hz att, 2800 Hz direct with T100.
- ATTENUATION LEVEL: -3dB tweeter.
- SUGGESTED LOUDSPEAKERS: T100, T10 (at request, modified for T100R) T100F, all AD series 10, 100 midwoofers.