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Helix X-JUST Sistema di setup per crossover attivi Helix

Innovativo strumento di setup e misurazione delle frequenze per crossover attivi Helix, rilasciato da Audiotec Fischer.


Expensive measurement equipments and extensive work to set up the exact frequencies of active crossovers belong to the past. The Helix X-just from Audiotec Fischer is a newly designed and innovative measurement instrument that saves a lot of time and efforts. Potentiometer tolerances that normally complicate the adjustment are irrelevant when using the X-just. The integrated sinus generator (frequency range 20-20.000 Hz) makes the exact set-up of any desired frequency possible. The Helix X-just can also be used to burn-in loudspeakers. Try for yourself!

Operating voltage: 11 V - 15 V

Input current: 110 mA

Output voltage: 350 mV - 1,2 V RMS

Frequency range: 12 Hz - 180 Hz / 120 Hz - 1,8kHz / 1,2 kHz - 18 kHz

Input Voltage for 0 dB: 2,8 V RMS

Weight: 320 g

Dimensions (H/W/D) in mm: 65 / 170 / 22

Significant sound improvement due to exact adjustment

accurate determination of the crossover point

integrated frequency generator

solid aluminium housing

comfortable handling due to compact size

easy to use

developed and made in Germany

measuring cables included