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Tipologia Midwoofer
Dimensione Altoparlante 100 mm
Potenza MAX Watt
Potenza RMS 50 Watt
Risposta in frequenza 80 - 3500 Hertz
Sensibilità 88 dB
Impedenza 3 Ohm
Peso Kg
Profondità di installazione 48 mm
Materiale Woofer Fibreglass

AD W40 mid-woofer diametro 100mm realizzato in fibra vetro, gomma e ferrite.


Diametro esterno, alette comprese: 123mm

Diametro foro di montaggio: 93,5mm

Profondità di installazione: 48mm



AD W40 - Made in Italy!

Le: 0.49 mH
Re: 3 Ohm
Fs: 77 Hz
Qms: 5.9
Qts: 0.72
Vas: 1.35 L
Bl: 3.9
Frequenzbereich: 80-3500 Hz

Sd: 50 cm²
Xmax: 14 mm
Pmax: 50 W
dBSpl: 88 dB


- CONE: Fibreglass with rubber suspension.
- VOICE COIL: Pure copper wire on aluminium former (26 mm diameter).
- BASKET: PPO chassis injected with fibreglass, in order to low down undesired distortions.
- DUST COVER: ABS, glued directly to the V/C former, with calibrated weight and dimensions in order to reach the desired Mms.

The 100mm midwoofer of AD is the answer for the request of such a small diameter woofer; very extended and with an excellent control, it grants the reproduction of the medium-lows in a very correct and realistic way.
Phase and impedance curves are measured after 20 hours burn-in at 20 W RMS, so are the T / S parameters.