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AD W1200

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Tipologia Subwoofer
Dimensione Altoparlante 320 mm
Potenza MAX Watt
Potenza RMS 250 Watt
Risposta in frequenza 38 - 800 Hertz
Sensibilità 91 dB
Impedenza 2,7 Ohm
Peso Kg
Profondità di installazione 155 mm
Materiale Woofer Fibreglass

AD subwoofers are designed as true bass frequencies reproducers, not just a sort of bass reinforcement. This is even more necessary when using AD systems, that are worldwide recognized as some of the most satisfactory in this field. An active crossover, a good quality amplifier, and your two way system is able to reach the deepest abysses of sound reproduction, giving that plus in emotion that your ears require. Available in single or double voice coil, their power handling and good sensitivity are other features of those components.

The woofer for who is addicted to emotion. This super-woofer is the perfect match for a two or three way front system.
With 35-40 litres reflex loading, it gives the right amount of lower frequencies to the music.

Made in Italy!

AD W1200

Le: 1.12 mH
Re: 2.7 Ohm
Fs: 31 Hz
Qms: 3.86
Qts: 0.34
Vas: 116 L
Bl: 12.15
Freq.Resp: 38 - 800 Hz
Sd: 530 cm²
Xmax: 32 mm
Pmax: 250 W
dBSpl: 91 dB

Phase and Impedance curves are measured after 20 hour of use at 50 W RMS, so are the T/S parameters.


- CONE: Fibreglass
- SUSPENSION: Thermo-formed butilic rubber of high shore
- VOICE COIL: OFC voice coil on alu-former (54 mm). Vented pole for forced air cooling
- BASKET, MAGNET: multi reinforced Aluminum. Magnet with a double ferrite ring
- VOICE COIL DUST COVER: material, weight, dimension studied to increase the Mms in order to linearize the higher frequencies and help cooling the voice coil.