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V-Tronix - Shakespeare TV 2020GE 7138040

V-Tronix - Shakespeare
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The ideal smaller marine TV antenna where styling and size are controlling factors. Perfect for close-in, or stronger signal areas. System includes antenna with built-in preamp, AC/DC power supply, 30ft of ultra low loss RG-59 coax cable, and gold-plated, screw-on F-type connectors. Built-in 1in-14 thread ferrule. This antenna works on ship's DC power or 220 volts AC.


  • Omnidirectional FM/TV reception, captures signals from every point of the compass without aiming the antenna.
  • 355mm (14in) diameter
  • High performance, premium quality antenna
  • 220 v.a.c. or 12/24 v.d.c. power
  • Digital TV ready.
  • Solid state electronics for marine environment
  • Gold-plated, screw-on F connectors
  • 1in-14 TPI thread ferrule for easy mounting
  • Use Flange mount or 4366


75 ohms

Frequency Range 50-890 MHz

Gain 19.5 dBi average

Length 0 m

Weight 1.36 kg

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