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Alpine SHS-N103 cuffie IR wireless per auto

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Cuffia IR a canale singolo

Tecnologia Fold-Flat per ridurre al minimo l'ingombro quando le cuffie non vengono utilizzate.Per esempio, possono essere riposte nella tasca della portiera.
Archetto regolabile, adatto per adulti e bambini.

Basso rumore ed audio di grande qualità.


Alpine's SHS-N103 wireless headphones give your passengers a comfortable listening experience while they're checking out the latest movies in your car. Use these headphones with Alpine's PKG-RSE2 or other single-source entertainment system to eliminate tangled wires in your vehicle's passenger area. And these headphones fold flat for convenient storage when not in use.

This headphone set comes with two "AAA" batteries and features earcup volume and power controls.

Overview: The Alpine SHS-N103 Single Source Fold-Flat IR Wireless Headphones free you from the tangle of headphone wires and let you enjoy audio from your movies, video games, and TV without cords.

Compatibility: The Alpine SHSN103 Single Source IR Wireless Headphones are compatible with select Alpine Overhead and Headrest Monitor Packages that feature an infrared wireless audio transmitter.

IR Sensors: Each earcup on the headphone features a side mounted IR sensor to communicate with your compatible Alpine IR wireless audio transmitter.

Controls: The headphone's right earcup features a volume dial, a power button,  and a power LED indicator.

Automatic Level Control: This headphone has an automatic level control to prevent input signal overloading. This assures the signal is clear and free of distortion and protects the user from unexpected loud bursts of audio through the headphones.

Automatic Power Off: To extend the life of the batteries, the headphone has an automatic power off feature. After a few minutes without a signal source, the power to the headphone will automatically turn itself off.

Comfort-Fit Design: The IR wireless headphones feature an adjustable headband to fit both children and adults comfortably.

Fold-Flat Design: The Alpine SHS-N103 allows you to fold it's earpieces flat for easy storage.

Important Safety Note: The headphone is for passenger use only! Most states prohibit the use of headphones by the driver while operating the vehicle.

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