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V-Tronix - Shakespeare RV 240

V-Tronix - Shakespeare
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This VHF model is part of our range of 2.4 metre, fibreglass, Power Boat antennas, which are designed to complement each other. This antenna matches the MD 32SS (AM/FM) and the RC 240-DB (cellular).




  • Ideal for larger power boats and small ships
  • White tapered fibreglass tube
  • Stainless steel ferrule
  • 1in x 14 TPI thread
  • 6m RG58 cable
  • PL-259 plug
  • Recommended Ratchet Mounts are ARMNT and ARMNT-SL


  • Recommended Mounting:   


Frequency Range 156-162 MHz:
VHF marine band

Gain 6 dBi

V.S.W.R. 1.3 at 156.8MHz

Length 2.4 m

Weight 0.55 kg

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