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Monitor Audio Radius R370HD Subwoofer amplificato

Monitor Audio
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Monitor Audio RADIUS R370HD

Subwoofer amplificato
Amplificatore da 250w in classe D
Auto on-off
1 Woofer da 30cm a lunga escursione
Controllo di fase
Preset per musica e HT
Ingressi sia a livello linea che speaker

Bianco (Piano White lacquer)
Nero (Piano Black lacquer)
Ciliegio (Walnut real wood veneer)
Palissandro (Rosemah real wood veneer)
Argento (High gloss silver lacquer)

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Monitor Audio Radius R370HD

The R370HD active subwoofer provides a new dimension to a system’s sound. Its 255mm (10”) C-CAM® downward firing driver, powered by a potent 250W (RMS) Class D amplifier, will extend the reach of the RadiusHD satellites to add the deepest drama to movies and music.
The R370HD’s lowest frequencies are controlled so expertly that even subtle effects are better defined, enhancing the listening experience with bass you can feel as well as hear.
The R370HD is equipped with a top-mounted control panel for easy access to volume and 2 EQ settings, 12V trigger input for power on/standby control from an AV amplifier, variable crossover control from 40Hz-120Hz, stereo, LFE RCA inputs and link outputs.
Top mounted control panel - for easy access to volume and EQ settings.
18mm MDF cabinet construction with internal bracing
250W RMS Class D amplifier with switching power supply
Downward firing 10” Ultra long throw, C-CAM bass driver.
12 Volt trigger input – For power on/ standby control from AV amplifier.
Crossover/ frequency control. Variable from 40z-120Hz
Low pass filter switch – for LFE or Stereo input selection
0-180 Phase switch
Power switch with ON – Auto- Off/ trigger settings
Stereo/ LFE RCA inputs
Stereo/ LFE link outputs
Silicone rubber anti-resonance feet
2 x Pre-set EQ settings – for Music or video programme optimisation.

Monitor Audio Radius R370HD


Low Frequency Limit: 28 Hz (EQ1)
25 Hz (EQ2)
Upper Frequency Limit: 40 - 120 Hz Variable
Low Pass Filter Alignment: 12dB / Octave variable
+12dB / Octave fixed (2 stage)
Cabinet Specification: Sealed Cabinet of 18mm (3/4) M.D.F. construction
Amplifier Output (RMS): 250 W
Amplifier Classification: Class - D Digital amplifier
Driver Complement: 1 x 10" C-CAM® subwoofer driver
Input Impedance: 20K Ohms
Mains Input Voltage (factory preset): 110 - 120 Vac / 220 - 240 Vac
External Dimensions
(H x W x D): mm (inches)
370 x 320 x 320
(14 9/16 x 12 5/8x 12 5/8)
Weight: 11.87 (26 1/8)


Metal Matrix Polymer driver cones have a polypropylene base loaded with metallic particles to offer a rigid and responsive structure.
They are manufactured using a sophisticated high-pressure injection process, which modulates cone thickness at critical points to optimise stiffness and consistency, resulting in a superior sonic performance.

Monitor Audio Radius R370HDC-CAM Drivers
Ceramic-Coated Aluminium/Magnesium is a material originally developed by the aerospace industry for jet engine components.
Its properties are ideal for loudspeaker cones being extremely rigid, yet light enough to yield high overall efficiency. In manufacture, aluminium/magnesium alloy undergoes a three-stage stress-relieving process to remove surface deformation and molecular weakness.
Once formed, the alloy cone is subjected to a high temperature anodic coating process in which a layer of pure ceramic alumina is depleted onto its surfaces to a depth of 50 microns, producing a completely rigid sandwich of alloy and heat-dissipating ceramic material.
Conventional cones are liable to flex or twist in operation, producing a significant level of audible distortion.
C-CAM cones have a much higher resistance to bending stress and therefore exhibit much greater fidelity over their entire operating range.
C-CAM tweeters and woofers share an audible consistency producing a smooth transition of frequencies and a sense of realism and cohesion in the soundstage.