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Monitor Audio Radius R180HD Nero Lucido Diffusore da scaffale e parete

Monitor Audio
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Monitor Audio RADIUS R180HD

Diffusore da scaffale o da parete
Posizionabile sia in orizzontale che in verticale
Reflex anteriore
Midwoofer da 11 cm in mmp.2 frontale
Gold Dome Tweeter da 25mm. in C-CAM posteriore
Staffa da parete in dotazione
Stand non inclusi

Nero (Piano Black lacquer)

Monitor Audio Radius R180HD Nero Lucido

The slightly larger and more versatile R180HD offers the same irresistible blend of virtues as the R90HD, but can be installed vertically as a main, side or rear speaker, or horizontally as a centre channel speaker using the bespoke low-profile wall bracket supplied.
Its enhanced bass performance makes it ideal for discreet music applications around the home.
Combined with a R360HD or R370HD subwoofer however, the R180HD will form part of a formidably powerful stereo or multi-channel home cinema system.


4" MMP®II. The Metal Matrix Polymer drivers have been completely re-worked and re-modelled with the aid of new design and simulation tools to achieve higher sensitivity and increased magnetic linearity.
The new shaped T-section pole and focussed magnetic gap produces better linearity and lower distortion, resulting in fast punchy bass.
All drivers are dedicated and model specific, with each model in the Radius HD series being designed and voiced individually.
1" Gold C-CAM® tweeter providing extension to in excess of 35 KHz ensuring the wide frequency bandwidth of HD music and cinema formats can be replayed faithfully.
Magnetically shielded drivers allow Radius HD to be safely used near sensitive microprocessor equipment or plasma/LCD displays.
High quality crossover uses high-grade metalised Polypropylene capacitors for increased clarity.
High-grade air core and laminated iron core inductors give lowest possible distortion and low insertion losses.
Specially developed high grade PCOFC internal cable is used throughout to ensure maximum signal transfer at all frequencies and low signal resistance.
ARC® front baffle (Anti-Resonance Composite).
Originally developed for our high-end Platinum series, ARC is a cast thermo-set polymer loaded with minerals to provide very inert, optimally damped components.
It is ideal for high-end acoustic applications where a high degree of structural rigidity and vibration damping is required.
Single through-bolt driver fixing provides mechanical de-coupling and enhanced mid-band clarity and resolution.
The through-bolts also act as rigid cross bracing to give a very solid non-resonant cabinet.
Front firing port.
Internal PTC auto-reset protection circuit to prevent over-driving.
Flush fitting grille with rotate-able ‘m’ logo for positioning in Landscape or portrait orientation.
A specially designed die-cast metal wall bracket is supplied, providing easy install and adjustment for wall positioning.


Frequency Response: 60 Hz - 35 KHz
Sensitivity (1W@1m): 87 dB
Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohms
Power Handling Single (RMS): 60 W
System Power Handling (RMS): 100 W
Recommended Amplifier Requirements: 10 - 100 W
Maximum SPL (dBA): 105
Bass Alignment: Bass reflex - rear ported
Drive Unit Complement: 1 x 100mm (4") MMP®II cone mid-bass driver.
1 x 25mm (1") C-CAM® gold dome tweeter
External Dimensions
(H x W x D): (inches)
350 x 125 x 105 mm
(13 3/4 x 4 15/16 x 4 1/8)
Weight (each):
Kg (lbs)
2.8 (6 1/8)


Monitor Audio Radius R180HD Nero LucidoGOLD DOME C-CAM
The gold dome tweeter is formed from a ceramic-coated aluminium/magnesium alloy, gold anodised to a specific thickness for ideal stiffness and damping characteristics.
Its new profile and surround geometry have been developed using advanced modelling tools, to provide the optimum qualities for accurate sound reproduction.
The new design moves the first order of breakup to beyond 35kHz, producing a linear response way beyond audibility, which matches the wide frequency bandwidth available from HD music and cinema sound formats.
The gold dome is thinner, lighter, more rigid and therefore more efficient than domes made from other materials which are prone to distortion in the audio band.

Metal Matrix Polymer driver cones have a polypropylene base loaded with metallic particles to offer a rigid and responsive structure.
They are manufactured using a sophisticated high-pressure injection process, which modulates cone thickness at critical points to optimise stiffness and consistency, resulting in a superior sonic performance.

Monitor Audio Radius R180HD Nero LucidoARC
Having various applications within a number of our speaker ranges, this high-tech Anti-Resonance Composite material is a thermo-set polymer loaded with minerals to provide very inert, optimally-damped components.
Refined by Monitor Audio’s engineers initially for the Platinum series, ARC is ideal for acoustic design, where a high degree of structural rigidity and vibration damping is required in order to prevent the propagation of standing waves and modal resonances.