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The MW 8BMW-D subwoofers are not only the ideal upgrade for those who are dissatisfied with the bass response in their BMW, but particularly for those who want to realize unprecedented space saving installation concepts.

The BMW-specific baskets and Plug & Play connectors allow a fast and easy installation into the original mounting positions of all BMW model ranges with under-seat subwoofers.

Nevertheless, these subwoofers are also perfectly qualified for universal applications. Thanks to the very low mounting depth, extremely compact sealed enclosures are no problem at all whereas the oversized 1.7” / 42.5 mm voice coil assures high power handling. Furthermore, the special speaker connector with its gold-plated screw terminals allows two different configurations and therefore flexible connection options. With the ex works installed connection bracket the subwoofer has an impedance of 1 x 4 Ohms, otherwise each voice coil can be driven individually (impedance 2 x 2 Ohms) and allows perfect combination with MATCH Plug & Play amplifiers.

No matter if these subwoofers are used as bass upgrade in your BMW or as problem-solver in small sub enclosures, they will definitely add loads of powerful bass for musical enjoyment.


Specifiche tecniche:

Power RMS / max. P 200 / 400 Watts
Impedance  Z 2 x 2 Ω
DC resistance  Re 3.4 Ω
Resonance frequency  Fs 46 Hz
Mechanical Q factor  Qms 4.45
Electrical Q factor  Qes 0.59
Total Q factor Qts 0.52
Compliance Cms 272 µm/N
Equivalent air volume Vas 17.3 L
Force factor  B*I 8.6 Tm
Efficiency 1 W / 1 m SPL 90 dB
Cone area  Sd 214 cm²
Moving mass  Mms 44.2 g
Cone material   Hand-scooped paper cone
Mechanical resistance  Rms 0.74 kg/s
Voice coil diameter ø 42.5 mm
Voice coil winding height   Handgeschöpfte Papiermembran
Max. linear excursion  Xmax +/- 4.0 mm
Outer diameter ø 239 mm / 9.41"
Installation diameter ø 175 mm / 6.89"
Installation depth   40 mm / 1.57"
Recommended enclosure volumes  
Sealed box  
Net volume   3 L
Lower limiting frequency (-3dB)   63 Hz
DSP settings   - Highpass: Butterworth; 12 dB/octave; crossover frequency 40 Hz
- Additional EQ filter: center frequency 90 Hz; Q factor 3.0; gain -4 dB
- Lowpass: Butterworth; 24 dB/octave; crossover frequency 80 - 100 Hz
Vented box   For one subwoofer For two subwoofers
Net volume   12 L 24 L
Port diameter ø 60 mm / 2.36" 80 mm / 3.15
Port area   28 cm² 50 cm²
Port length   25 cm / 9.84" 20 cm / 3.94"
Port tuning frequency Fb 46 Hz 46 Hz
Lower limiting frequency (-3dB)   45 Hz 45 Hz
DSP settings   - Highpass: Self-Define; crossover frequency 40 Hz; Q factor 1.3
- Additional EQ filter: center frequency 67 Hz; Q factor 3.0; gain -3 dB
- Lowpass: Butterworth; 24 dB/octave; crossover frequency 80 - 100 Hz

Suitable for all BMW model ranges with under-seat subwoofers and universal use