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Dynaudio MW 162 GT

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Prezzo riferito a singolo pezzo (IVA inclusa)
Tipologia Woofer e midwoofer
Dimensione Altoparlante 165 mm
Potenza MAX 1000 Watt
Potenza RMS 120 Watt
Risposta in frequenza 40 - 4000 Hertz
Sensibilità dB
Impedenza 4 Ohm
Peso 1.1 Kg
Profondità di installazione 62 mm
Materiale Woofer

Midwoofer con cono in PHA, bobina Ø 75 mm, diametro est. 165 mm (DIN). Impedenza 4 Ohm.

The Esotec MW 162 GT is a special version of the MW 162 mid/bass driver, also a 17 cm (6.5 inch) diameter design with a 75 mm (3 inch) voice coil, housed in a slightly more compact yet rigid stamped steel basket to better allow it to fit into a wider range of drop-in factory automobile loudspeaker locations.

This is especially helpful in minimizing labor by eliminating otherwise necessary vehicle modifications during installations where space is limited. The Esotec MW mobile loudspeaker woofers all employ styrene butadiene rubber surrounds, which ensure excellent control and reliability, while providing added durability against the elements.

For more dynamic power delivery in the bass region, the 15, 17 and 20 cm diameter Esotec mid/bass drivers employ Dynaudio's traditional double-magnet motor system while featuring new, upgraded high-density ultra-compressed Ferrite magnets. The new magnet systems provide an extremely controlled and incredibly precise movement of the voice coil. The result is improved dynamics and greater fidelity to the original music signal. Dramatic musical passages are thus reproduced accurately and without compromise. And with increased cone excursion, even the most powerful transients are delivered without compression.

Dynaudio MW 162 GT


Parametri Thiele Small
  Impedenza nominale   Znom 4 Ω
  Resistenza in CC   Re   3,0 Ω
bobina di induttanza   Le   0,22 mH
  Frequenza di risonanza   fs   60 Hz
  Meccanica fattore Q   Qms   2.1
  Elettrico fattore Q   QES 0.63
  Totale fattore Q   Qts   0.48
  Resistenza meccanica   Rms   3 kg / s
  Spostamento di massa (compreso il carico d'aria)   Mms   16,8 g
  Sospensione di conformità   Cms   0,42 millimetri / N
 Diametro effettivo del cono   d   124 millimetri
effettiva del pistone   Sd   120 centimetri ²
  Volume equivalente   Vas   8,6 l
Force factor Fattore di forza Bl Bl 5.5 Tm Tm 5,5
range Consigliato gamma di frequenza 40 - 4000 Hz
  Magnet e proprietà Voice Coil

Voice coil diametro

  dc   75 millimetri
  Bobina di voce altezza   hc   10,9 millimetri
  Escursione lineare, da picco a picco     6 millimetri
Max. escursione, da picco a picco   1 17 millimetri
  Gestione della potenza
  Nominali a lungo termine IEC (a seconda del crossover) 120 W
  Transient (10 ms)   1000 W
  Proprietà meccaniche
  Peso netto   1,1 kg
  Dimensione generale ø 166 x 71 mm

Dynaudio MW 162 GT

1x Altoparlante MW 162 GT