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Dynaudio MW 152

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Prezzo riferito a singolo pezzo (IVA inclusa)
Tipologia Woofer e midwoofer
Dimensione Altoparlante 150 mm
Potenza MAX 1000 Watt
Potenza RMS 100 Watt
Risposta in frequenza 55 - 3500 Hertz
Sensibilità 88 dB
Impedenza 4 Ohm
Peso 1.1 Kg
Profondità di installazione 63 mm
Materiale Woofer Materiale composito

Midwoofer in pressofusione con cono in PHA, bobina Ø 75 mm, diametro est. 145,5 mm. Impedenza 4 Ohm.


The Esotec MW 152 is a compact 15 cm (5.75 inch) diameter mid/woofer with a 75 mm (3 inch) diameter voice coil.

As is the case with the full range of Dynaudio woofers, the cone diaphragm is composed of a proprietary MSP (magnesium silicate polymer) material developed by Dynaudio - a low-distortion material characterized by a lack of coloration that proves essential to the unique Dynaudio sound.

The MW 152 exhibits a smooth frequency response both on- and off-axis, with incredibly low distortion. This woofer delivers excellent midrange reproduction and ideal for any high-performance system.
The woofer motor assemblies of the Esotec mid/woofers are built into torsionally rigid die-cast aluminium baskets (a high-strength stamped steel basket is utilized on the MW 162 GT and MW 182 model variants), which have been optimized to eliminate air turbulence and resonance and the adverse effects of such.

The aerodynamically shaped ribs of the Dynaudio die cast driver frames serve to eliminate virtually all reflections and tonal aberrations created by the traditional driver frame, and ensure the highest degree of mechanical performance at an extremely low weight.

The low suspension compliance of the MW 152 makes it perfectly suited for smaller enclosures typical of most in-car installations, while also allowing it to be utilized without a dedicated enclosure in free-air mounting applications.

1x Altoparlante MW 152