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Lightning Audio LA-1652-S

Lightning Audio
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Prezzo riferito a singolo pezzo (IVA inclusa)
Tipologia Kit 2 vie separate
Risposta in frequenza 20 - 20.000 Hertz
Dimensione Woofer 165 mm
Dimensione tweeter 25 millimetri
Potenza MAX 100 Watt
Potenza RMS Watt
Sensibilità 84 dB
Impedenza Ohm
Materiale Woofer Polipropilene rinforzato Mica
Materiale Tweeter Alluminio

Lightning Audio LA-1652-S kit a due vie composto da coppia di woofer 165mm, coppia di tweeter e coppia di crossover. Griglie incluse.

Speaker Grills and Speaker Wire Included
Mica Injected Polypropylene Cone
External 12dB/Octave Crossover
Rubber Surround
Tweeter Aluminum Trim Ring
Swivel Design


The Lightning Audio 6.50" Component Speaker are designed to sound the best with all types of music. The dedicated midrange/woofer will give kick-drums or bass guitar rock solid impact, and the dedicated tweeter ensures high frequencies sound crisp and clear. Like a prism divides sun-rays into colors of light, the dedicated crossover routes low frequencies to the midrange and high frequencies to the tweeter. Sound extreme? You bet!


Caratteristiche LA-1652-S

Configuration 2-Way Component System
Midrange Diameter 5.25"
Midrange Depth 1.9"
Tweeter Diameter 1"
Tweeter Depth 0.8"
Frequency Response 20Hz to 20kHz
Power Handling 100 Watts MAX
Crossover External HP/LP & 12dB/octave
0dB/-3dB/-6dB Tweeter Attenuation
Sensitivity 84dB
Grilles Included Yes
Mounting Hardware Yes
Shipping Weight 6.5 Lbs. (3 Kg.)


Coppia di woofer
Coppia di griglie
Coppia di tweeter
Coppia crossover