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Ground Zero GZPC 12.0FX

Ground Zero
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Ground Zero GZPC 12.0FX 12 Farad Power cap - Condensatore 12 Farad.


White three- digit voltage display with 0,1 Volt steps and white LED illumination.
Reverse pole connecting PCB buzz warning function- If the capacitor is connected incorrectly by reversing the positive and negative wires during the installation process the PCB will issue a 45 second noise to warn you.
Over voltage limit and low battery voltage limit warning- When the system voltage peeks over 17,5 DCV or LESS than 10 DCV, the buzzer on the PCB will issue an audible noise warning.


Caratteristiche GZPC 12.0FX

Powercap for stabilising the power supply
White illumination and digital voltmeter
Protection circuit
Capacity 12 Farad
Tolerance +/- 10%
Internal resistance < 0,0015 Ohm
Illumination White

Ground Zero GZPC 12.0FX