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Pioneer CA-ANW-200 Cavo Android per AppRadio

Pioneer CA-ANW-200 - Cavo per cellulari Android per AppRadio

The CA-ANW-200 is compatible with the AppRadio (serie SPH e ) and is required for Advanced App Mode functionality with compatible MHL or HDMI-enabled Android devices.

Once the AppRadio.App, is installed and your Android phone is connected, you can access selected phone features directly from on the AppRadio. A second cable allows you to connect an iPod and Android smartphone simultaneously.

The direct digital connection assures you get the utmost audio and video quality from the media stored on your devices. The included USB power supply and cable allow them to charge whilst connected to the AppRadio.


Il kit CA-ANW-200 include:


  • HDMI Type A-D cable (2.25 m)

Pioneer CA-ANW-200



  • USB-to-Micro-USB cable (2.25 m)

Pioneer CA-ANW-200



  • HDMI Type A-A cable (1.5 m)

Pioneer CA-ANW-200



  • MHL cable (0.75 m)

Pioneer CA-ANW-200



Per monitor precedenti al 2012 può essere necessario abbinare il kit CA-ANW-200 al Power box CA-ANW.5V.