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Connection Audison BFH 14 portafusibile modulare

Tipo accessorio Portafusibili

Sistema di distribuzione modulare brevettato AUDISON, possibilità illimitata di espansione del sistema grazie alla possibilità di aggiungere il numero di moduli necessari.


PROPRIETARY MODULAR fuse and ground distribution system
“ADD-ON” distribution capability grows with your system upgrades
EXTENSION LINKS provided with each BFH 14, BDB 24 and BDB 44
POLYCARBONATE casing, strong and scratch resistant
4 AWG input and output on both AFS fused and ground modules
SMBTM solid machined brass construction for better current transfer
CHROME SATIN finish for enhanced cosmetics
KNURLED SCREWS for better contact with the attached wire
RECESSED inset cable collar for protection
against “stray” wire strands


Connection Audison BFH 14