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UNITA' di Navigazione compatibile con lettura DVD video / CD Audio



Principali punti di forza





Tutta l'Europa su un unico DVD
Sintonizzatore RDS-TMC per informazioni sul traffico
Controllo vocale
Guida vocale e menu su schermo
Perfetta integrazione con le unità AV
Slot PC Card incorporato
Funzioni Touch Panel con AVH-P7500 / 6500DVD
Installabile in un vano DIN oppure a scomparsa
Lettore DVD Video/DVD-ROM/CD ultrasottile incorporato
modi di orientamento ( cartina, elenco delle strade, misto, visuale del pilota)
Decodificatore audio stereo MPEG 2/1
Caratteristiche AVIC-900DVD
Navigation Features
  • 1-DIN or hide-away installation
  • Voice Recognition (6 Languages Support: English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish)
  • Voice Guidance and Display MENU (8 Languages Support: English, German, French, Italian, Dutch/Flemish, Spanish, Danish, Swedish)
  • 32-bit RISC CPU
  • Exclusive Graphic Accelerator for smooth line drawing
  • Super-fast operation Route Calculation
  • Built-in RDS-TMC tuner for Traffic Information
  • Built-in Hybrid sensor (G-force sensor) for distance correction on slopes
  • Built-in GPS receiver
  • 4 Guidance Modes (Map Mode, Street List Mode, Mixed Mode, Driver's View)
  • PC Card Slot built-in (Type ll)
  • Speaker Out (8 Ω miniplug out) for voice guidance
  • Ultra-slim built-in DVD-Video / DVD-ROM / CD Player
  • Built-in MPEG 2/1 decoder-stereo sound
  • CD functions: Track Scan, CD Pause, Random / Repeat Play
  • Region Number: 2
  • Voice recognition Microphone
  • GPS Antenna
    -On-dash / roof mounting
  • Power Cable
  • RGB cable to connect AVH series
  • Steering wheel remote control
  • Joystick-type Remote Control for DVD-Video
DVD-ROM Navigation Disc
  • CNDV-30
  • Application programme and map data on 1 DVD disc
  • Coverage Area: UK (incl. Northern Ireland), Germany, France, Italy, Benelux, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Sweden, Finland (Helsinki area), Norway, Ireland (=Dublin, Kerry and selected motorways), Monaco, Liechtenstein, Andorra, San Marino, The Vatican, Czech Republic (Prague Area and selected motorways)
Ricevitore GPS AVIC-900DVD
System L1, / Acode GPS
SPS (Standard Positioning Service)
Reception system 8-channel multi-channel reception system
Reception Frequency 1.575,42 MHz
Sensitivity -130 dBm
Frequency Approx. once a second
Common AVIC-900DVD
Maximum current consumption 2 A
Power source DC 14,4 V (10,8 — 15,1 V allowed)
GPS Antenna AVIC-900DVD
Antenna Micro strip flat antenna / right-handed helical polarisation
Antenna cable 5 m
Video AVIC-900DVD
Output level 1.000 mVp - p (75 Ohm)
Audio AVIC-900DVD
Frequency response (Hz) 5 - 44.000 Hz
S/N ratio (db/1 kHz) 96: DVD, 97: CD
Dynamic range (dB/1 kHz) 96: DVD, 95: CD
Dimensioni AVIC-900DVD
Main unit 178 x 50 x 178 mm
GPS antenna 34 x 13 x 36 mm
Remote controller 51,1 x 123 x 10,9 (card remote) / 35 x 65 x 23,1 (steering remote)
Peso AVIC-900DVD
Main unit 1,5 kg
GPS antenna 105 g
Remote controller 52,3 g (card remote)