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V-Tronix - Shakespeare AS-2 VHF

V-Tronix - Shakespeare
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This automatic switch toggles two radios to one antenna. When you key the microphone on one of the radios, it switches the antenna to it automatically. The radio stays locked onto the antenna until the automatic switch detects a transmit from the other radio. Easy!



  • Blister Packed


Frequency range     Up to 600 MHz

VSWR                        Below 1.2:1

Impedance                              50 ohms

Power rating                            30 watts

Insertion loss                           Less than 1.2dB

Isolation                                     Better than 50dB

Connectors                                SO-239

Power supply                             12 v.d.c. @ 200ma

Sensing/switching time            Less than 100 ms

Construction                               Cast aluminum