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Mobridge 7137327 ABT2010 - iPod e Bluetooth PORSCHE MOST

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Interfaccia Bluetooth e Ipod per impianti MOST Porsche



Compatibilità Auto:

911 (997) fino al 2009
Boxter e Cayman (987) fino al
Cayenne dal 2005 al 2009

PCM 2.0
PCM 2.1

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  • Interfaccia combinata con funzioni di vivavoce Bluetooth, Bluetooth Audio, controllo iPod e ingresso audio ausiliario per sistemi a fibra ottica MOST
  • Kit vivavoce Bluetooth con chip Parrot
  • Microfono a doppia capsula ad alta sensibilità Parrot
  • Controllo completo del vivavoce dai tasti dell’impianto dell’auto
  • Visualizzazione delle informazioni di chiamata sul monitor dell’impianto dell’auto
  • Supporto per la sincronizzazione della rubrica e delle liste di chiamata del telefono
  • Controllo completo dell’iPod dai comandi per il Caricatore CD dell’impianto audio
  • Supporto per la visualizzazione dei titoli dei brani sul monitor dell’auto (se supportato dell’impianto)
  • Supporto per gli iPod con ricarica della batteria a 5 volt
  • Ingresso AUX IN stereo ausiliario
  • Aggiornamento dell’interfaccia e del Bluetooth tramite il software “mObridge Update Wizard” e una SD card 


Bluetooth Handsfree, iPod interface, and Auxiliary Input - all in one!

The mObridge Bluetooth ABT2010 is the most advanced after-market phone kit available for vehicles equipped with the MOST bus.

Not only does it integrate Parrot® Bluetooth technology for best-in-class phone support, it also integrates our popular iPod and auxiliary audio interface to be a complete multi-media gateway.

And best of all it seamlessly integrates with your existing vehicle radio and steering wheel controls for a factory-fitted effect.

If you're the lucky owner of a late model Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, MINI, or Porsche you should definitely consider a mObridge Bluetooth ABT2010 for your hands-free telephone solution.


Bluetooth Phone control

  • Supports up to 5 paired phones
  • Dial, Accept, Hangup, Answer calls
  • Multi-Party call support (phone dependent)
  • Phonebook browsing and dialing from phonebook
  • Last dialed, received, missed calls lists
  • SMS support. Browse and read your SMS messages (vehicle dependent).
  • Notification of signal strength, network name, call duration to the radio display


Bluetooth Audio support

  • Support for A2DP and AVRCP bluetooth profiles
  • Your bluetooth audio device appears as a special track in your CD changer menu.


iPod integration

  • Supports iPod Mini, 4th Gen, 4th Gen Photo, Nano, 2nd Gen Nano, iPod Video, 3rd Gen Nano, Classic, and Touch.
  • Firmware upgradeable via memory card for future features.
  • 24 bit ADC stereo for a more complete experience.
  • 500uA Sleep Current. Lower sleep current draw than OEM specifications.
  • Configurable for all vehicles via iTune's MP3 tag.
  • Configurable for First five playlists, numbered playlists or full folder support for iPod browsing* .
  • Paging to gain access to lists greater than the CD limitation of 99 giving full access to the iPod. Also possible on radio's without text support.
  • Last disc, last folder, last track memory retention for fast startup.
  • Access to Playlists/Artists/Albums/Genre/All Songs
  • Random, Repeat, Scan
  • Auxiliary input for external audio source.
  • Exit iPod lockout mode for manual control with the ability to continue track up/down from the steering wheel controls.
  • iPod USB charging
  • Retention of factory CD Changer** .
  • Bypass switch to remove interface from the MOST ring.
  • Dedicated Auxiliary override for phone system input.


Auxiliary Audio input

  • Features an auxiliary audio input to connect an additional audio device (mp3 player, satellite radio etc) to your vehicle.
  • High quality audio, with 24-bit digitizer.

Mobridge 7137327




Contenuto del kit

Mobridge 7137327


Porsche: 911 Boxter Cayenne Cayman